Mystic Rod and Gun Club
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Monthly Meeting and Steak Dinner.
Monthly meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month. Come at 6:30pm and enjoy a tender steak dinner before the meeting for only $15.00 per person. Steaks are given out from the kitchen, you then grill your own to your preference! Fixin’s are included. All members are encouraged to attend.  The next meeting will be on the 29th of January. 
Monthly Newsletter

George Finch
It is with great sadness and regret that we report the passing of George Finch. He was a club member for 38 years, and spent many of those years our Citizens Advisory Council Representative.  He was a strong advocate of the club and assisted in many ways.

Nominating Committee
The nominating committee has presented the following slate of candidates for the upcoming year. 
Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the February meeting.

President                      Terry Chance
Vice-President               Mike Robinson
Secretary                      Pia Perry
Treasurer                       Al Crogle
Parliamentarian             Walt Woycik

Superbowl Party 7 Feb
We will be having a superbowl get-together on Sunday 7 Feb. Please bring a dish or snack to share. Please Contact Tim Hausler  (860-961-2991) to coordinate what to bring.

Game Dinner Saturday 20 Feb
Please contact Rob Pettini (860-908-8898) if you have anything you may wish to donate for the dinner.

Firearms Safety Course
Walt Woycik has relieved Chuck Griffin as Firearms Safety Chairman and will be in charge of conducting future firearms safety courses. If interested in taking the course contact him at 860-884-1409 or Jim Gauthier at 860-884-4795. Many thanks to CHUCK for an outstanding job or running and managing the safety course over many years.

Black Powder Shoot
Chuck Griffin is our new Black Powder Chairman. We are planning on having a black powder shoot sometime in late August or early September.

The key card locks have been replaced with combination locks. The combination is the number issued with your membership card. Enter the combination, then press * and the lock should disengage. Just operate the handle and the door should open. If you have trouble contact Terry Chance at 860-235-0203 or Chuck Griffin at 860-908-9571.

Land Management
A certified forester has been engaged to survey our property for possible logging and long term forest and land management.  He will provide a detailed report of forest condition, species, and the estimated harvest. He will also mark all trees to be harvested, and provide recommendations for future harvesting.

                HELP  NEEDED AT GRISWOLD
Volunteers are needed to mow the Griswold property. It's a great way to get your work hours in. The club provides all the equipment and fuel needed as well as instruction/tips. The areas that need to be mowed are numerous and include the skeet field, the field to the left of the skeet field, the hillside up to the parking lot, the outdoor rifle range, the picnic area by the pond and the area by the dam, outhouse point and the caretaker property. In addition to the mowing there is plenty of weed-whacking to be done. Lawn tractor, mowers and required tools will be provided. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! If you can spare the time to do any portion it would help. Please contact John Clark at (401) 527-5825 for details or to volunteer and get checked out on the lawn equipment.

Winter Pistol League
The New London County Pistol league 2015-16 season has started and shoots on Monday nights at 7pm. Link to Schedule for 2015-16, Link to League Rules.

Winter Rifle League
The winter rifle league started on 7 Oct. and will shoot on Wednesday nights. This year there are changes to both the match format and the course of fire. Winter League Rules and Schedule.

Winter Skeet League
Here is the 2015-2016  winter league HOME schedule.

Suggestion Boxes: Suggestion boxes have been placed at both Stonington and Griswold. Please let us know how to make OUR club even better.

CCTV cameras have been installed at the Stonington clubhouse and will are now in operation 24/7.

Work Hours:
Work hour totals can be viewed by clicking on the following links and locating your membership number:
Click here for Work hour totals for 2015
Workhours for 2015 are currently posted. 
Column 1 is your membership number, Column 2 is your membership type and the 3rd column is the number of required service hours you have worked.
Green = service hour requirement has been met.
Mustard = life member (no work hour requirements), Y
Yellow indicates a committee chair or club officer (automatically meet the service hour requirement in the fulfillment of their official duties.

Please make sure any work performed is documented on a work slip, and turned in to Sunnie Robinson via the containers at Griswold and Stonington. When submitting a work slip please be sure to write legibly and include your NAME and MEMBERSHIP NUMBER, otherwise you may NOT receive credit. Work hour totals have been posted on the website and will be updated periodically. 
If you have questions about your work hours, Sunnie can be reached at

Pheasant Hunting & Outdoor Range:
The 2015-2016 pheasant season has ended. Thanks to all who participated in another successful season. The outdoor ranges are now back to normal hours (open from 8am to dusk). Please remember to follow all range safety precautions.

Members are reminded that permission slips for deer and turkey must be signed by Terry Chance, Mike Robinson or Chris McVeigh.

The RED metal containers are for MISFIRED rounds only. Misfires are NOT to be placed in the brass bins. Recently misfired ammunition was found in the brass bin.
Use COMMON SENSE and OBSERVE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS when using the range.  TRACER AMMUNTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ONLY PAPER TARGETS affixed to the wooden pallets are authorized. EXPLODING TARGETS, SELF HEALING TARGETS OR ANY TARGETS PLACED ON THE GROUND OR ON THE BERMS IS PROHIBITED. NEVER SHOOT AT THE GROUND OR ANYTHING WHICH CAN CAUSE A RICOCHET. WHEN IN DOUBT DON'T!!!!!!  LEAD BULLETS ONLY ON THE INDOOR RANGE !!!!!! DO NOT SHOOT AT WATERMELONS OR ANY OTHER FRUITS OR VEGETBLES. THE RESIDUE CREATES INSECT AND VARMIT PROBLEMS. All Shooters are reminded to police your brass when finished shooting. Steel and Aluminum casing go into the trash and not the brass bins. The salvage yard will not accept the brass if other materials are mixed in. An EXPLODING TARGET was found at the 25 yard line of the pistol range. These types of targets are PROHIBITED on all MRGC ranges, and anyone caught using them (in-person or on VIDEO SURVEILLANCE) will have their membership revoked and forfeit all dues paid.

Griswold Facility Chairman - Eric Sabo is our Griswold Facility Chairman. Please contact him regarding matters concerning the Griswold Facility. Reminder - No wood is to be removed from the Griswold property without the prior approval of the President, Vice President or Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Stonington Facility
For work around the Stonington Club House review the board inside the clubhouse.  Volunteers are needed to mow the grass around the club-house. Volunteers can use the club's mowers or use their own.  There is light duty work available for those who cannot handle much physical labor anymore (help with monthly dinner preparation, raffle ticket sales, snack bar operation, newsletter prep and labeling, etc). 

MRGC Reading Library -
The next time you visit the Stonington clubhouse take a few minutes and browse the Coleman library.  MEMBERS ARE REMINDED THAT BOOKS ARE NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM THE CLUBHOUSE. Any donations of quality books will be greatly appreciated.

The Club's By-Laws are avaible on line at: (Current By-Laws).

Range Logs and Waiver Forms:
Members are reminded to sign in prior to shooting. If you bring any guests and they have not previously signed a waiver form, please ensure they do so prior to utilizing the facilities. Waiver forms are located at the Stonington range, and at the Griswold clubhouse. Folders are provided for the completed forms. Your support is appreciated.

NEW Connecticut Gun Law Forms
Connecticut Gun Law CLICK  HERE
Application for Ammunition Certificate (PDF form - fill in an print)

Mike Pietraallo our Steward is doing an outstanding job preparing for the meeting night dinners. He is always looking for volunteer help. If you can help in the kitchen please let him know. He can be contacted at or 401-218-8640. It's a good way to perform your work hour requirements.

New members are welcome so please ask your friends if they would like to join.  An application form can also be downloaded from the website by clicking on the following link.
Membership Application.

Junior Rifle - Sunday Evenings - 6:00 pm Junior Rifle Training  
Rifle and Pistol practice is Sunday nights 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Contact Jim Gauthier at (860) 884-4795 or for more info. 

Skeet Shooting Program
The winter league is over and the summer fun begins. Shooting is allowed from 8am to  10pm. The skeet field is open Thursday evenings from 6:00pm until 10:00pm when members socialize and have a good time shooting under the lights. Skeet and Trap tickets have increased to $2.50 a round or $25 for a ticket of 11 rounds. For skeet information or  questions email Vinny Sauer at 401-419-5049. Please make sure there are plenty of targets in the houses when finished shooting. If you don't have access please call Vinny and let him know.

FISHING  - Anglers are reminded  to review the fishing rules as outlined in the General Rules and Common Sense Practices. Joey Grispino is the fish chairman. (Link to Rules)
Anglers are reminded to sign in the log located in the clubhouse. We are collecting harvesting and catch data, in order to evaluate the summer holdover rates. This data will be used to plan for future stocking requirements.  Your accuracy in log keeping is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or suggestions contact Pete Dyer. If you use a boat you are required to have a personal flotation device for everyone on the boat. When finished using the boats, please turn them upside down (keeps water out) and store them next to the trees to keep parking spots free.

Edward S. Comrie Jr. Scholarship

Two $500.00 scholarships were awarded last year. Helene Donahue of Stonington High School and Joseph Allyn of Fitch High School.  Congratulations to the winners. We wish them success in their educational pursuits. Special thanks to Chris Zauner and the scholarship committee. For information on the Edward S. Comrie Jr. scholarship please contact Chris Zauner  at 860-961-5530 or The application form can be found here ( Edward S. Comrie Scholarship Application ).

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