In 1919, a small group of local sportsmen founded The Mystic Rod and Gun Club. They were a mixed group of both working and professional men who desired a more formal method of pursuing sporting activities. Hunting, Fishing and Trap Shooting were the major interests of the founding members, but their organization, through the years has attracted Riflemen, Archers, Pistol Shooters and Skeet Shooters. The members have worked hard over the years building and improving the facilities and developing a reputation in the community of which we are very proud.   The membership today is made up of people who have many varied interests. Some are Target Shooters, some are Hunters, some are Fishermen and others simply enjoy wildlife and the outdoors.   Years later, our members are still working hard improving on what a previous generation had begun and are looking for new ideas for the future. We are proud of our past, pleased with our present and looking forward to our future.  The Mystic Rod and Gun Club provides hunting, fishing, archery and target shooting for members and guests.  At Griswold  we have a stocked fishing pond, a lighted skeet and trap field, an archery facility, and a rifle and pistol range with target berms located at  25 yds, 50 yds, and 100yds   

Our main clubhouse and indoor pistol range is located at 44 Gun Club Rd off Rt 201 in Stonington, and our outdoor facilities are located near the Pachaug Forest, in Griswold Ct.  


Meetings are held monthly on the last Thursday of each month and are preceded by a steak dinner.



44 Gun Club Rd

Stonington, CT

Chair Mark Homand

Phone: 860-326-4421



Chair Eric Sabo

Phone:  860-608-4610



Chair Tim Hausler

Phone: 860-961-2991

Pistol & Skeet Leagues


Pistol Captain Ted Gary Bates

Phone: 401-322-7019



Jim Gauthier

Phone: 860-449-1716

Youth Programs


Jim Gauthier

Phone: 860-449-1716